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Q: I can't seem to figure out the correct answer.
Make sure you search all the clues in the crime scene closely by changing the perspective of the slider and the "room." The map can be rotated with a single finger, but different sections of a given map may be viewable by moving it around with two fingers. You may have missed something that can only be seen from a certain angle. Going through case files may also help as it is occasionally updated while you search for clues.

If you're still stuck, try throwing out your best guess!
Q: Can I change the language of the text?
The text is only available in English.
Q: How do I unlock more cases?
In-app purchase of additional cases are available from the "shop" on the title screen.
Q: What device is the game compatible with?
Android 2.3 and up (more than 512MB of available memory is required for installation)
Q: Will the app be updated with any additional cases?
There are no plans at this time for additional cases beyond those that can be purchased in the game.
Q: Are there any plans to expand the "Layton Brothers" into a series on other platforms?
The game is also available on iOS devices. There are no plans for distribution on other platforms at this time.
Q: How do I get a refund on my purchase?
We apologize, but all digital sales and in-app purchases are final.
Q: I have questions about the game that are not answered here.
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