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Japan: July 10, 2014

Jump back and forth through time to learn the secrets of the Yo-kai Watch!

Keita, Fumi-chan, and your favorite Yo-kai are back in this time travelling sequel to the original hit RPG YO-KAI WATCH. Everything from the city, to the battles, to the Yo-kai themselves have been powered up!

When a mysterious Yo-kai gives the protagonist the ability to travel back in time to the Showa era, they begin to discover the secrets of the Yo-kai Watch itself.

On the way they’ll make friends with brand new Yo-kai, including Yo-kai taken from classical Japanese mythology. The game will release in two versions, Ganso and Honke, each featuring their own unique set of Yo-kai, original quests, and more!

* Note: All names here are tentative/working names.
*= Tentative Titles. Currently only available in Japan ** = Roid Service only available in Japan