Disclaimer: The following information applies to Japan only. There are no plans for release outside of Japan at this time and will be announced separately if considered for a Western release. All titles and project names are tentative English names.

FUKUOKA, JAPAN (April 22, 2014) LEVEL-5 Inc. has announced that shipments of the popular game Yo-kai Watch (platform: Nintendo 3DS™) has surpassed 1 million units as of Tuesday, April 22nd.

Nintendo 3DS game Yo-kai Watch is a mysterious and bizarre fantasy role-playing game which depicts a world where Yo-kai (spirits only visible to the main character by the use of a special watch device) co-exist with humans and affect their day-to-day lives. Originally released on July 2013, the game’s popularity boomed as the TV anime based on the game began broadcasting on January 8, 2014 across 6 TV Tokyo-affiliated networks, and the game sales have continued to show steady increase. As a result, the number of the package game shipment have reached 1 million units merely 2 months after its 500,000 unit sale announcement.

LEVEL-5 strives for and spares no effort to make Yo-kai Watch a long-lived franchise beloved by many people, young and old. Please stay tuned for future developments.

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