Burlingame, CA - March 21st, 2012 - GREE and LEVEL-5, a leading game publisher in Japan today announced that they have agreed on a global partnership to bring three successful mobile social game titles exclusively to the upcoming GREE Platform that will be available in Q2 2012.

For the first time, GREE and LEVEL-5 will bring together their expertise in mobile social gaming and the free-to-play business model, to bring these well-known games to mobile players around the world. As part of the partnership, LEVEL-5 will introduce "NI NO KUNI: DAIBOUKEN MONSTERS*1", "INAZUMA ELEVEN: ATSUMEYOUZE!!! *1", and "Little Battlers eXperience™: Hi-Grade Customization*2" to both feature phones and smartphones.

"NI NO KUNI: DAIBOUKEN MONSTERS*1" - an RPG, Monster-themed card battle game - will invite users to explore the mysteries of another world as they go on distant quests and fight evil bosses. This will mark the first time that the highly successful Japanese fantasy RPG series "Ni no Kuni" will be available on mobile. The pre-registration starts on March 21, 2012 in Japan, and will be released worldwide on the new GREE Platform.

GREE and LEVEL-5 will also launch the first mobile versions of the highly popular Inazuma Eleven and Little Battlers eXperience™ series, on the GREE platform. Both games are primarily children's games but will feature content that will appeal to players from around the world.

The GREE Platform is a global mobile social gaming platform that will connect gamers with other players and high-quality content from around the world while offering developers access to a fully "borderless" cross-platform network of high-engagement iOS and Android™ players. GREE will continue to focus on building relationships with third party game developers and publishers as they move towards releasing their new global mobile social games platform. GREE is dedicated to providing the leading mobile social gaming ecosystem for users around the world, by creating high-quality content in collaboration with established global partners.

LEVEL-5 has been expanding its business not only in Japan but overseas, focusing on "creating the best entertainment brand in the world." Starting with "NI NO KUNI: DAIBOUKEN MONSTERS*1," LEVEL-5 and GREE will collaborate on the planning and development of new mobile social games for players around the world, on the new GREE Platform.


Genre: RPG/Card Battle
Price: Free to download; items may be purchased within the game
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Key Game Features:

Explore the world of Ni no kuni by teaming up with Familiars!

  • Battle creatures you meet along the way.
  • Win to obtain the creature cards and make them your familiars.
  • Over 200 varieties of creatures.
  • Explore the world and complete your card set!

The "Hidden" Card System
An occupant from the other world is trapped in every card. By flipping the card over, players will also be able to use the occupant's abilities in battle. Rare cards will give you greater power such as greater recovery and special attack triggers.

Following the launch of "NI NO KUNI: DAIBOUKEN MOSTERS*1", GREE will also launch titles from the Inazuma Eleven and Little Battlers eXperience™ series. The titles will be named "INAZUMA ELEVEN: ATSUMEYOUZE!!!*1" and "Little Battlers eXperience™: Hi-Grade Customization*2" respectively, and will be jointly developed by GREE and LEVEL-5.

About GREE, Inc.

GREE is a global mobile social gaming company at the forefront of mobile technology. GREE is focused on building the leading mobile social gaming ecosystem for users and developers worldwide, with an emphasis on creating and supporting unique free-to-play game content. The new GREE Platform will be available in Q2 2012. Following the acquisition of OpenFeint Inc. in April 2011, GREE's robust network now reaches over 190 million players and offers over 7,500 game applications to users around the world. With offices in Tokyo (head office), San Francisco, London, Beijing, Sao Paulo, and Dubai, GREE will continue to expand aggressively worldwide.

About LEVEL-5 Inc.

LEVEL-5 is a leading Japanese gaming company that manages the planning, production, and sales of games. LEVEL-5s successful "Professor Layton" series has obtained a record global distribution of over 13 million copies. In addition, its popular Inazuma Eleven titles have brought gaming to a new level through cross-media entertainment, and have distributed over 4.5 million copies worldwide.*3 For "Ni no Kuni," LEVEL-5 has partnered with industry-leaders such as Studio Ghibli for animation design and Joe Hisaishi for music. LEVEL-5 has also produced other cross-media entertainment titles across the Little Battlers eXperience™ and "Inazuma Eleven" series. LEVEL-5 continues to create products with the game in mind,with constant expansion into other areas, and a focus on creating the best entertainment brand in the world.

*1 Game titles are TBD.

*2 Japanese game title TBD. English title tentative, this is a direct translation of a Japanese working title.

*3 All data collected is from the end of February 2012.

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