A new crime-solving mystery game featuring none other than the son of the great Professor Layton!

Genius investigator, Inspector Alfendi Layton and his newly assigned assistant, Detective Constable Lucy Baker, research only the most extraordinary cases in the “Mystery Room” deep within the Scotland Yard.

Investigate the evidence, find the contradictions, and unravel the truth that lies shrouded in mystery!






Inspector Alfendi Layton

This brilliant investigator at Scotland Yard is Lucy Baker's boss and mentor. He uses his remarkable analytical skills and flawless logic to solve cases in a room that can reconstruct a crime scene down to the last detail, colloquially known as the "Mystery Room". But the strange room isn't the only mystery surrounding Alfendi Layton…


Detective Constable Lucy Baker

Scotland Yard's newest recruit, Lucy Baker is anxious to report for duty after being assigned to Alfendi Layton as his crime-solving assistant. Her spirited optimism is perhaps exactly the kind of partnership Layton needed, whether he knows it or not!


Scotland Yard’s Finest

  • justin-lawson

    Justin Lawson A burly detective with a brute-force approach. In many ways, he's the polar opposite of Layton.

  • dustin-scowers

    Dustin Scowers A janitor at Scotland Yard who plays it cool. He knows more about the Force than he lets on.

  • florence-sich

    Florence Sich A talented forensics analyst who doesn't miss the smallest details. She's very prone to illnesses and rides in an ambulance because of it.

  • sniffer-hague

    'Sniffer' Hague A junior detective under Lawson. He has a keen sense of smell but poor eyesight, and he's known for jumping the gun on his hunches.

sub-chars-gang sub-chars-gang-shadow


  • Suspects

    A woman was found murdered at the seaside hotel of a bustling travel destination. Her asphyxiated body lies on the balcony with one hand inside the sandwich that was to be her last meal. Who is guilty of murder? What is the significance of the sandwich?

  • Investigate

    Uncover the details behind each crime as you zoom in and examine suspicious objects to add them to your mounting list of evidence. Piece them together to form an airtight case!

  • Deduce

    Expose the crucial contradictions in the case files as you match them with evidence that just doesn’t add up. Call in the suspects and find out if they have anything to hide!

  • Interrogate

    These criminal masterminds won’t make solving their heinous crimes easy. Find the holes in their arguments until their lies shatter around them, bringing the truth of each mystery to light!

  • …And More!

    9 shocking crime scenes, none like the others. Uncover the truth of Alfendi Layton's 'condition' by solving the mystery of all nine files!



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  • FREE!
    • File No. 000: Freshly Baker (Prologue)
    • File No. 001: The Hand Sandwich
    • File No. 002: The Bungled Burglary
  • Case File Pack 1 - $2.99
    • File No. 003: A Murder Staged
    • File No. 004: The Walking Corpse
    • File No. 005: The DJ's Swansong
    • File No. 006: Kiss Goodbye
  • Case File Pack 2 - $1.99
    • File No. 007: The Mystery Rooms
    • File No. 008: Ham and Cheese
    • File No. 009: Good Cop, Bad Cop

Compatible Devices:

iPhone 3GS or later, iPod touch 4th generation or later, iPad 1st generation or later, iPad mini; Android devices (more than 512MB of available memory is required for installation)

Required OS:

iOS 4.3 or later; Android 2.3 and up