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Can you sort luggage, handle security, and manage operations of your very own airport? Get those planes loaded to expand your airport into a hub of international commerce!
Yoot Saito
Vivarium Inc.
CEO/Game Designer
Yoot Saito is well known for his ability to infuse his games with addictive elements through simplicity. Saito is a recipient of such prestigious awards as the Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence Prize and the SIIA CODiE award. He also founded OPeNBook Co., Ltd, a company focused on the research and development of an application that fuses topographical data with artificial intelligence.
Creator of
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"I had fun creating AERO PORTER because I have always wanted to create a simple puzzle game based on the idea that airplanes are a metaphor for human social interaction.

People rarely get to see what goes on behind the scenes in an airport, so I created a setting where players can grasp the scale of an airport through the arriving and departing flights and by sorting all the luggage onto carousels."

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Your Airport is Ready
for TakeofF!

As your airport gains passengers and prestige, you'll be faced with more and more planes, carousels, and luggage to color code. And that's to say nothing of all the special requests and security issues you'll run into...

Put your airport on the map as you grow from a few sleepy regional terminals to a bustling international hub!

Easy to Play...
...Difficult to master!

The more you play, the more options you'll acquire to help manage the load. Turn off lights to conserve energy, speed up or slow down the carousels, and chain your takeoffs together for combo bonuses that'll net you more passengers and bonus abilities!

Load up Friendly
Airplanes via StreetPass™!

Getting combo bonuses will expand your own private fleet of airplanes that you can then customize and share with other players via StreetPass.

Help your friends by getting their planes to successfully depart from your airport,
and you'll get a huge income and
passenger bonus!